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Technological process

At «Wiko Ukraine" every detail goes from the shop metalworking, wire shop and shop to shop POS powder painting and through the packaging site - a warehouse of finished products. All products meet the required quality control, have the appropriate certificates. Technique and technology of today's production meet the requirements of time. Besides automatic CNC machines in manufacturing plants located automated systems on the longitudinal-transverse cutting of rolled metal by punching holes in the pipes, automatic welding system for the production of welded structures.

Ceh1 Ceh2

Ceh3 Ceh4

 Laser cutting of sheet metal on the equipment of the Japanese firm «AMADA», «Bystronic» allows to produce parts with an accuracy of 0.1 mm with no jagged edges, burrs and other defects.


Laser5 Laser6

Laser7 Laser4

Our factory has been equipped with a programmable CNC press brakes of the new generation with automatic stops, quick tool krauninga control and so on., Which improves manufacturability bending parts to reduce the cost to perform a sequence of several different folds.


Gibka1 Gibka2

 Powered powerful automatic powder painting line epoxy polyester electrostatic method. Powder coating - ecologically clean, soft technology of high-quality polymer coatings with high protective and decorative properties. Coating formed from polymer powders which are applied to the painted surface of the article. The product was then heated and maintained at a predetermined temperature for a few minutes. Painted products are packaged in shrink-wrap and cardboard.


Kraska1 Kraska2

Kraska3 Kraska4

 Finished product storage area of 1050 sq.m. equipped with modern racking system that allows you to place large stock of spare parts shelf equipment.


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