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WIKO company, founded in 1989, has gone through several stages of development, which can be described as follows:

Until 1997, the company was a Polish private enterprise.

In 1997 he received the status of the company - «WIKO Company» SA

In 2000 on the territory of Ukraine in Lugansk was registered subsidiary «WIKO Company» SA - Ukrainian-Polish Company "Wiko-Ukraine".

In 2001, production was started in Kremennaya Lugansk region. With the implementation of the investment project parent company «WIKO Company» SA were granted the basic production assets, processes and technical development.

In 2005, the beginning of a global reconstruction of the enterprise, was built a warehouse area of ​​1050 square meters. m additionally purchased new equipment.

In 2008 it was acquired major assets Severodonetsk instrument-making plant - production and storage facilities.

In 2011, opened an office in Kiev, where  an exhibition of commercial equipment "WIKO" was organized.

August 30, 2012, Ltd "Wiko - Ukraine" was awarded the honorary title of "Best Lugansk commodity producer."