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Wiko-Ukraine realizes full complex of servises for design, manufacture, delvery and set-up of shelving and checkout counters.

We produce five types of shelving system depending on strenth members of shelve and max loading.

UNI/WIKO - all mode shelving

MEDIUM - shelving for large loading

AKCENT - shelving for clothes, shoes, hand bags

Also we have specialized shelving:

- for vegetables

- shelving with baskets

- POS equipment

- checkout counters



Wide range of accessory guarantees layout wich corresponds to the merchendising requirmens and the direct attention each unit of good.

Universal shelves, special upright for corner shelving.

The maximum load on the section - 350 kg.




Universal shelves with two bearing elements. Designed for entire development including corners and separation of the central part of the store with gondola shelf.

The maximum load on the section - 450 kg.




Shelving for large loadings. Shelving are divided into added and island.

The maximum load on the section - 1400 kg.




Is a variant of shelving for large loadings. May divided into added and island.

The maximum load on the section - 1000 kg.




Series is designed for shops and industrial group of goods. Wall structure is simple, based on a circular perforated tubes interconnected by various elements. Thanks quadrilateral perforation tripods and a set of connectors, you can create a variety of spatial systems. 
Shelving are mounted on the base of a round upright with welded base (for freestanding and mobile structures) or without base (attached to the wall). In this line of shelving used shelves of glass and particle board, slatwall, mirrors, and special center brackets. Shelves allow benefit to present clothes, shoes, bags, including luxury brand collections.


Standart palette

RAL 9003
RAL 9006

RAL 7035

RAL 9005
RAL 1003
RAL 3000
RAL 5005
RAL 6029
RAL 9010
RAL 7640

Possible to paint in any color with RAL.

Checkouts - is a commercial equipment, whose main task is to help the cashier quickly and efficiently serve customers an ensure maximum profits for a store.

The choice of the optimal model of checkouts for self-service stores are influenced by a number of factors, including: the configuration and dimensions of commercial space, the target audience shop, diversity, specificity, and the number of the range, the intensity of the flow of customers during the day and at peak times, the average amount of the purchase, style and interior design. Organization of the cash area in the supermarket checkouts of "Wiko Ukraine" meets all modern requirements, and provides the buyer a positive impression of the store.

Recommendations for choosing a series of checkouts "WIKO": 
- Area of ​​the store up to 300 m - series PIKO (without conveyor belt) 
- Area of ​​the store more than 300 square meters - a series of UNO (wide basin and conveyor belt) 
- Area of ​​the store more than 500 sq ft - Series DUO (paired box with a narrow basin and conveyor belt).