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Ukrainian-Polish company "Wiko-Ukraine"

Ukrainian-Polish "Wiko-Ukraine" LLC is an investment project of Polish company WIKO that successfully implemented European approach to establishing production of retail equipment in the market of Ukraine. Having started in 2000, this company has become one of the modern and rapidly developing manufacturing companies in Ukraine represented not only in Ukrainian market but also in Kazakhstan, Poland, Bulgaria, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia. Many-years’ experience of the company has built up our reputation among our partners as a responsible manufacturer and a reliable supplier of retail equipment.

Manufacturing facility set up with modern high-tech equipment, comprehensive services, high quality of products and customer servicing, qualified personnel and expert advice – all these aspects ensure successful cooperation with "Wiko-Ukraine".

For more than 15 years our company has been performing its main mission:

Creation of a functional retail space for your business to be prosperous.

We help our customers arrange their retail space in a comprehensive and professional way that will allow displaying all the goods to the buyers in the most advantageous way, inviting to making purchases.

Each of the retail equipment systems manufactured by our company guarantees simple and quick installation, allows wall– and central use of the retail spaces. On our site you will find a wide range of components and a variety of retail equipment, which makes it possible to equip your shop in a packaged way both in a classic and individual exclusive style.